Your business in the Amazon cloud
Cloud AWS

From OpenSpring we offer Amazon Web Services (AWS). The world’s most widely used and comprehensive cloud platform, offering more than 200 end-to-end data center services globally. Millions of customers are using AWS to reduce costs, increase agility and innovate faster.

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Applied to DevOps

– Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.
– Monitoring and alerts
– Log centralization
– Data Protection and Backups

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Cloud management services

We manage the maintenance of your infrastructure. We take care of server updates and maintenance to avoid downtime so you can focus on your business. Also monitoring and incident management.

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Data Analyitics

Using the tools of the major public Cloud providers to enable our customers to monetize their data using data analytics tools that allow you to get the most out of your data.

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Cloud Migrations

Migrations from own servers to AWS environments. We perform a fast, smooth and secure migration. We analyze your infrastructure to determine the necessary migration requirements and help you minimize the costs of your new cloud infrastructure to maximize your benefits. A Capex vs Opex analysis will help you see how the cloud fits your finances.

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Cloud feasibility audits

Services to evaluate how the Cloud fits your business, looking at the best options to optimize both the cost and management of your current infrastructure.

Everything you need to run your business in the cloud

We want to help you use the AWS service so that you have all your data remotely. We know what we do.